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Samples of our Work

Lepanto Folk Festival

The Lepanto Folk Festival is a meeting point for cultures from around the world. For 3 days Nafpaktos hosts traditional dance groups and dancing in musical sounds from every side of the planet. Hundreds of dancers with their traditional costumes and their particular culture make up a cultural mosaic and give a special color to this feast.

Step to a Dream

Contest for children and creativity of young people. The aim of the competition is to strengthen children and adolescents to support cultural exchanges between countries. The aim of the competition is to create the conditions and give opportunities to new talents, no matter where they live, to realize their dynamics in the field of art and that they deserve to undergo a competitive process.


Theatrical performances for the environment of Elementary Schools aiming at the involvement and sensitization of young students and teachers in an educational and experiential action on Environment and Ecology.

Representation of Battle of Nafpaktos

This great historical event (October 7, 1571) is celebrated every year with all the splendor it deserves. Ambassadors, foreign missions, delegations of authorities and organizations, warriors with traditional medieval costumes and a crowd of people gather for the representation of the Battle.

Concert by Dimitris Bassis in Antirrio

Concert by Dimitris Basis in the closed theater of Antirrio. The event was held by the Agios Nikolaos Parish in the framework of the patron saint's celebrations.

Balkan Championship XCO Cross Coutry MTB in Nafpaktos

The "LEPANTO" Cross Country mtb Balkan & Greek championships, which takes place in the city of Nafpaktos and is the top sporting events of mountain biking in our country. The aim is to promote the cultural and environmental beauty of the city of Nafpaktos and the Municipality of Nafpaktia, as well as the emergence of the distinctive Olympic cross-country mtb.

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